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VLX Business

GlobeVLX Business line is, first of all, Internet access solution and digital signage for public zones (halls, reception, conference halls).

VLX Internet Access

VLX Internet Access solution provides high-speed Internet access (wired or WiFi) for hotel rooms and public zones. The solution also includes an advanced billing system that can be easily integrated into the hotel system.

Compatible solutions: Eclipse HDTV/Eclipse SDTV/Eclipse iTV/Eclipse Light, Eclipse IPTV, VLX Digital Signage, VLX Digital Office.

VLX Digital Office (in-room digatal office)

VLX Digital Office solution creates a full-fledged working place in room even if the guest didn’t bring his laptop.

  1. USB flash drives, players (iPods also), cameras, laptops and other gadgets can be connected to the room TV set via special business communication panel.
  2. Interactive systems allows to look through and edit files of different kind (Miscrosoft Office support, media files, mp3s, videos). The other popular feature is e-mail and Internet access (compatible solution: VLX Internet Access).
  3. High Definition (HD) TV sets provide a computer-quality resolution that is enough for the easy work with any texts and images.
  4. Wireless keyboard is also helpful in building the in-room office.
  5. Compatible solutions: Eclipse SDTV, VLX Digital Signage, VLX Internet Access.

VLX Digital Signage

VLX Digital Signage solutions provides digital signage panels in halls, at the reception and conference halls. Thanks to understandable interface it allows to manage all the information easily.

Compatible solutions: Eclipse SDTV, VLX Internet Access, VLX Digital Office.