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VLX Automation

Room Management System is a new word in hospitality industry.

Speed communication with hotel guests, decrease of operational expenses, and most of all customer satisfaction – altogether make such system a new advanced standard of service quality.

On-line Room Management System “Top Hotel” allows full room control via touch panels of a different kind and provides following capabilities:

- RFID Room Access Control

Corridor panel with built-in RFID reader, door bell and a plate with a room number. On-line deactivation of a lost room key, on-line validity prolongation.

– Room lights control, dimming, light scenes creation

Control of most types of lightening including filament, energy saving, luminescent, halogen, LED lamps, as well as support of DMX and DALI. Flexible approach to the design of room lightening in combination with newest control panels give to the user easy light control.

- Climate-control operation

Full operation of in-room climate-control system. Temperature, humidity and speed of ventilation set up. Guest may also take part in ecology saving by choosing special eco-mode on a panel. Patented Eco-Control mode is one of pre-set parameters that sets up most favorable mode in climate-control unit with minimal influence on room’s temperature.

- Easy switching of “DND” and “Clean Room” modes

Easy set up of different room statuses from any point of the room. Controls could be made as near-to-bed wall panes or desktop panels wired or wireless.

- Room service \ Laundry pick-up

- TV on\off

- curtains\louvers control

- safe control

-Connection of mobile devices (iPad, iPhone и т.д.)

By using “Top Hotel” the hotelier gets number of advantages:

- Improved control of energy consumption

Control of energy consumption in rooms, which is statistically 70-80% of total energy usage in hotels. The System is easy integrated into standard SCN (structured cable network) and has high scalability and real-time linking with adjacent hotel systems (s.a. ACSs of the Hotel and the building, Interactive TV systems, RFID locks, fan coils).

- Room access control, attendance control

The System logic includes different roles for Guest, Administrator, Maid and Technician with appropriate access rights. Visit stats collected automatically via RFID attendance control and movement sensors.

- Effective personnel time utilization

The hotelier has instant information on guests’ attendance in the room, If guest has turned on DND mode, requested room cleaning or called for room service. Acces control available also in back office and elevators. Web-interface is used for centralized control of the hotel.

- Remarkable Energy saving

The System has special modes for day, night and seasonal temperatures as well as numerous pre-sets that are activated depending on room occupation or length of check-out status of the room. This makes energy control in room fully automate, minimizes employee involvement and optimizes energy consumption due to real-time data on each room collected from movement sensors, energy and water control detectors.

Using Top Hotel system may give up to 30% of energy saving – according to collected data from clients.

- Better service for guests

Speed reaction on requests and easy operation makes guest give a better marks for quality of service of the hotel. Engineering dept. can perform diagnosis and control of the System remotely minimizing complaints from the clients.

Top Hotel is a modular system with number of basic functions that could be improved and developed up to the premium class level.

Our major goal for us is to provide best quality product with great ecology saving characteristics. This decreases ROI time for hotels due to optimization of energy consumption.

As every hotel has its’ own standard of design we a glad to offer a wide choice of colors, materials, designs and solutions for user – for hotels of any size, style and brand.

All panels might be placed on wall or desktop, could be wired or wireless, with different design of signs on them (including own design of the client). Corridor panel with built-in RFID reader, room number and door bell could also be made with the same design that brings respectable uniformity into the room.

Our most advances development for multi-room suites and apartments – Android or Windows operated touch-panels with audio\video functions, intercom, web-services. The enhanced reality technology provided via mobile applications for guest gives intuitively easy control on all functions of the system.