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The first hotel Smart Fixed Telephone


There is no secret that well known button telephones are now becoming a history replaced by Smartphone. Today, more than 40 % mobile telecommunication customers in Russia are using Smartphone where as in large cities the percentage is already reached 50%.

Finally, the new technology has come to a hospitality industry with hotel smart fixed telephone. AEi Communication Company has presented the first hotel smart fixed phone during Russian Hospitality Awards 2015 on February 18th, 2016.

What makes it to call a new hotel phone “smart fixed phone”?

Despite general information about weather, currency exchange rates, etc., the telephone menu is capable to store interactive hotel pages with hotel services such as restaurant, room service, spa, etc. Moreover, in case of telephone integration with hotel PMS, the guest will be able not just view the list of hotel services but also make an order just by pressing a telephone touch screen without dialing any phone number. This telephone can also be used to connect to internet and browse web pages.
The company plans to start production of the new telephone in the mid-2016. The telephone will be available on the Russian market in the second half of this year.